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Rhythm and Beats is the ultimate destination for lovers of RnB and Hip Hop! Our expertly curated DJ services are specifically designed for enthusiasts of these genres. At Rhythm and Beats, we're passionate about delivering the freshest beats and timeless classics from the vibrant worlds of RnB and Hip Hop.


Having worked across the Melbourne Night Club Scene, our skilled DJs have a deep understanding and passion of these genres, ensuring that every event we handle transforms into an unforgettable musical journey. From the powerful bass lines of Hip Hop to the smooth melodies of Old School RnB, Motown, New Jack and Funk - Rhythm and Beats has the perfect playlist to keep your feet moving and your heart racing.


Whether it’s an intimate Party, a Corporate Event, or you want to incorporate these genres into your Wedding, trust Rhythm and Beats to set the perfect soundtrack for your memorable moments.

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RnB and Hip Hop Playlists

Dive into the soulful and vibrant universe of RnB and Hip Hop with our handpicked selection of Spotify playlists. Carefully curated to bring you the best of both worlds, these playlists feature everything from the smooth, emotive tunes of Old School RnB to the dynamic, pulse-pounding beats of Hip Hop.


Whether you're looking to relive the classics or discover the latest chart-toppers, our collections are designed to cater to every mood and occasion. Every event we DJ at is tailored to your needs, so rest assured you will have some input into the music that we play. Be sure to visit our full list of DJ Services.

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RnB and Hip Hop DJ Mixes

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Support Articles for Your RnB Event

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