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Dancing Salsa


Discover the pulsating heart of Latin music with Rhythm and Beats, your premier DJ service for all things Latin music. At Rhythm and Beats, we specialise in bringing the vibrant and diverse sounds of Latin to your events. 


Having worked across the Melbourne Latin Nightlife Scene, our skilled DJs have a deep understanding and passion of these genres, ensuring that every event we handle transforms into an unforgettable musical journey. Our expertise lies in creating immersive experiences with the rich rhythms of Salsa, the passionate melodies of Bachata, and the electrifying energy of Reggaeton and Latin EDM.


Whether it’s an intimate Party, a Corporate Event, or you want to incorporate these genres into your Wedding, trust Rhythm and Beats to set the perfect soundtrack for your memorable moments.


Latin Playlists

Step into the colorful and rhythmic world of Latin music with our specially curated selection of Spotify playlists. From the energetic beats of Reggaeton to the soulful melodies of Salsa, and the smooth tunes of Bachata, our playlists capture the essence of Latin culture to transform your next event. Each playlist is a vibrant mix of traditional sounds and contemporary hits, perfect for any occasion.


Whether you're in the mood for a dance party or a relaxed evening, these playlists will transport you to the heart of Latin America with every note. Every event we DJ at is tailored to your needs, so rest assured you will have some input into the music that we play. Be sure to visit our full list of DJ Services.

Dancing in the Mist

Support Articles for Your Latin Event

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