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At Rhythm and Beats, we believe in delivering nothing but the best for every event, big or small! That's why we've crafted a singular, premium package designed to meet the highest standards of excellence. We understand that each occasion is unique, but the desire for quality, memorable experiences is universal. By offering only our gold-standard package, we ensure that every client benefits from the full range of our expertise and offerings. This approach allows us to focus on delivering top-notch service, exceptional music curation, and seamless event execution for every client. 

Online Event Portal

Easily manage and customise various aspects of your event. From music playlist creation to booking and payment portals

Timeline Preparations

Liaise with you or event planner to coordinate the event timeline, including key moments for music or announcements

Custom Playlists

Playlists based on your preferences or theme of the event. Online Music Library or streaming services such as Spotify for curation

Venue Logistics

Planning with the venue all technical aspects of setup logistics and bump in times. Hassle free and peace of mind from your planning

Pro Audio and Lighting

Offering high-quality sound systems, speakers, and microphones. Providing lighting solutions to create the right ambiance

Vendor Coordination

Pre-coordination with other event vendors (like caterers, photographers, venue managers) to ensure seamless event execution

Personal Consultations

Consultations to discuss the event needs and music preferences. Coffee or Virtual with your DJ to answer all your questions

No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparency and trust. Clear pricing ensures you can plan your event with confidence, with no surprises or extras

Support Articles for Your Event Planning

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